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TD Logistix specializes in time-sensitive TL deliveries. With multi-temperature facilities in the US, we transport meat, candy, beverage, dairy, frozen food, dry and more. 


Our specialized team has established relationships with a wide range of carriers and contracts. TD Logistix has the capacity and experience to make your deliveries easier. 


Refrigerated Transportation and Warehouse Services

  • Ambient and multi-temperature-controlled storage and transportation services

  • Multi-temp trailers

  • "Food Grade" cleanliness throughout our cross-dock and warehouse facilities

  • National and International distribution 

  • Flexibility to adjust our schedules to meet consignee appointment times

  • Dock-delivery, Carry-in delivery, school delivery, store-front deliveries and more

  • Pre- Appointed deliveries / Standing appointments at many consignees

  • Refrigerated & cooler service warehouse and transportation services

  • Full EDI capabilities for electronic exchange of information

Want to more know about our customer service?

Contact one of our Logistics Managers Directly.

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